Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Tea time at our English class

Here are some photos from our Tea time lesson:
Do you drink/like tea? How often do you drink it? When do you usually drink a cup of tea? Do you drink it with milk?
Did you enjoy today's lesson? Why (not)?


Eva said...

Yes, I like drink tea. I drink it each day. But just this week. =)
I usually don't drink tea whit milk.
This tea party looks great and I am really sad because I don't come.


your teacher Breda U. said...

I'm sorry too, Eva, that you had to stay at home this week. I hope you are better now.
See you at school.

Laurel Jackson said...

I really like tea and drink it a lot. I usually drink tea multiple times a day and it depends on my mood and what kinda of tea I am drinking if I add milk. But I never add sugar. And Yes I did enjoy our lesson. I thought that it was really fun! But I am sad that Eva wasn't able to be there...