Saturday, 5 December 2009

The Railway Children

Hello, readers of the Nesbit's famous book.
I hope that you've all read at least the first chapter. (Remember you have to read the first four chapters till next Wednesday!) In it the life of the three children changes for good. They move to a country cottage and they don’t know what really happened to their father. How do the children cope with the great change? How do they feel about the absence of their father? What do you think – why doesn’t mother tell them much about where the father is?


Unknown said...

At first they are still not used to living in the new environment. But then the railway becomes the place which they like very much and spend a lot of time at. It seems interesting, because they haven't seen anything like it before.
They don't know much about the absence of their father, but that doesn't annoy them too much since they were brought up to trust their parents. They get used to not having him around. It makes them very sad and scared to see their mother so sad about the whole thing.
I don't know, there are multiple options: he might be working on something important for the government (he works there if I remember correctly), dealing with family problems, maybe he's at a hospital because he's ill... Though I doubt the last one is true.

Lana said...

I agree with Katarina. Maybe another reason why their mother doesn't tell them about their father is that they might not understand and ask questions that will make her feel more sad about the whole thing, so she doesn't want to discuss it with them at all. Or maybe, she thinks that they are too young to deal with a burden like that, and she's protecting them.