Thursday, 5 November 2009

November 5 - Bonfire Night

Where's Bonfire Night celebrated on November 5 and why? Who is the man on the picture? What's his connection with the Bonfire Night? You will find some information here. Do we have bonfires in Slovenia? (When?)


Lana said...

Bonfire night is celebrated in England because that's the day when people lit bonfires to celebrate the safety of the king. There is a long story about the whole affair, but here's my short version: after queen Elisabeth the 1st died, the Catholics hoped that her son would be more tolerant of their religion. But he wasn't. So thirteen men decided to blow up the Parliament building and kill the king, but some had second thoughts because innocent people would be killed. So one of them sent a warning letter to his friend Lord Monteagle. The letter reached the king, and on the night of November 5th, the king's guard stormed into the Parliament and captured, tortured and killed Guy Fawkes, one of the 13 rebels. Fawkes is the man in the picture, and I mentioned his connection to the whole thing above. Some argue he might have been framed, but we'll never know. In Slovenia we have bonfires, I think on the 21st of June and/ or on the 1st of May.

your teacher Breda U. said...

Well done, Lana. You've answered to all the questions.