Monday, 11 May 2020

What's the weather like today?

Do you usually listen to or watch the weather forecast? Why(not)? What's your favourite weather? 

Watch this weather forecast for today. Then look for today's weather forecast for a foreign city or country (for example London, Sydney, New York or  Japan, etc.) and write what the weather will be like today. Will it be better or worse than in Ljubljana?


Anonymous said...

weather in Los Angeles

in Los Angeles it is cloudy today and it will clear up tonight. they have about 15 degrees there.
Maša 7.b

Unknown said...

In the capital city of Greece (Athens) is very nice, sunny weather. They have 25 degrees there.

Elena, 7.b

Anonymous said...

In Washington is cloudy and it will become clear tonight. They have 16 degrees there.

Val 7.b

Anonymous said...

It is sunny in Hong Kong and 27degrees

Aljaž 7.b

andrej said...

In Novosibirsk weather is sunny and about 30 degrees.

Andrej 7.b

Neža said...

In Paris weather is sunny and about 11°C.

Neža 7.b

Anonymous said...

I usually don't watch or listen to the weather forecast, because it's boring and I prefer watching some other things on TV. My favourite weather is, when the sun is shinig brightly and when's about 20 to 25 degrees.
In St. Petersburg it will be rainy. At thirteen o' clock it will be mostly cloudy and it'll be around seven degrees. Later, it will become warmer, but it'll be more cloudy. In the evening, it will cool down and it will still be cloudy.
The weather in Ljubljana will be worse, because it will rain most of the time.

Laura, 7. b

Unknown said...

My favorite weather is light rain and strong wind. Today it is raining in Ljubljana! I really like it! But the weather in Rome is sunny with 22 degree Celsius, that's warmer than here. We have 7 degree in Ljubljana. Well anyway, I usually don't whatch the weather forecast. I just check it on my phone and I'm good to go.

Elvira Tomac, 7. b

your teacher Breda U. said...

Well done, Laura nad Elvira. You have answered all my questions! I hope the rest of your schoolmates will do so as well.
Well, rainy day like today is sometimes good for nature and plants. You can stay inside and read books, but I prefer sunshine.

Tjaša said...

Somethimes I check on the phone to see what the weather will be like. My favorite is sunny or rainy weather. In Miami weather will be cloudy, without rain and with 27 degrees. The weather in Ljubljana will be worse than in Miami, beacuse it is cold, rainy and minors degrees.


Unknown said...

I usually don't watch the weather forecast, only when I know I am going somewhere on a trip. My favourite weather is stormy weather, because I like to watch the strong rain and the lightning. Today in New York is mostly sunny, with a little bit of clouds. And the temperature is 16 degrees Celsius. Today in Ljubljana is rainy so I would rather be in New York now.

Kaja Tomšič, 7. b

Anonymous said...

I don't watch weather report because I like to do other things. My favourite weather is partly cloudy.

In Dublin today will be partly cloudy and from 12 to 4 degrees C.

Jure, 7.b

Anonymous said...

I usually watch the weather forecast on TV and sometimes I check it on the phone too, because I think is not so boring. You are actually studying about weather so it's educational. My favourite weather in sunny weather, because it's warm and I can play outside. In Bangkok is mostly clear weather with 29 degrees Celsius at night! Tomorrow, it will be mostly sunny all up to 35 degrees Celsius! That's a lot warmer than here!
Amber, 7. b

Anonymous said...

in Paris is sunny and about 11c.
My favourite weather is sunny with cloudies and not so hot.
Ana 7.b

Unknown said...

In Rim weather is rainy and about 17C.
My favourite weather is sunny.