Sunday, 24 May 2020

Let's go to the cinema!

When did you last go to the cinema? It seems really a long time ago, doesn't it? 
What kind of films do you like watching? Why? What's the best film you've seen recently (either in cinema or on TV)? What's the best film you have ever seen? 
Watch  this film trailer and say weather you would like to see the film. Why (not)?


Anonymous said...

I think the last time, I was at cinema, I was watching an action film, named Bad boys for life. I liked it very much, but I usually don't wach action films. I reather wach romantic films, comedies and sad films, because they are really fun to watch with your friends. In fact, I think, that we usually pick a film, that has a similar theme, as are our feelings in the moment. The best film I saw recently was Midnight sun, even trough it was very sad. It's hard to tell, which film was the best, because every film tells a different story, but one of my favourite films are A dog's porpouse and A dog's journey, because they show us, how attached can humans be too dogs. Go watch them, you won't regret it!

Veronika, 8.a

Unknown said...

I was at cinema a long time ago and I do not even remember which film i was watching. I usually watch romantic movies. I really like this tipe of movies because they make you belive in love, they make you cry and laugh and they make you feel like anything is possible.
The best movies that i have ever seen were The fault in our stars, All the brigth places, Notebook and more.
I would like to see film The last tree, because i think that it is very emotionaln and I like that.

Eva, 8.a

Unknown said...

I was in the cinema 5 months ago and I was watching a Spies in disguise. Every movie should have a romantic part, but I am not a huge fan of it. I really like action movies, especially with agents and spies. For example James Bond of Mission Impossible, but my favorite movie is inception and it is the best movie I have ever seen. I would like to see this film, because I always give a chance to film.

Jaka Levart, 8.a

Anonymous said...

I was at cinema in January for my friends birthsday and we were watching Birds of prey. My favourite type of movie is action or a comedy. The best movie i have seen recently in Extraction. I do no have a favourite movie and i would like to watch The last tree.

Jakob Turk, 8.a

Anonymous said...

I was at the cinema in January for my frends birthsday like Jakob and we were watching Birds of prey. I prefer action and comedy movies like Fast and Furious, John Wick and James Bond. I dont have my favourite movie and i like to see new James Bond film No time to die.

Andraž Šmajdek 8.a

Anonymous said...

I was in the cinema 4 months ago, that’s why I don’t even remember which movie I was watching. My favorite types of movies are romantic movies and action films, like Mission Impossible and 007 James Bond. Sometimes i also like to switch it up and watch horror movies, because they are so intense. I like to watch romantic movies in the first place, because you can cry and laugh at the same time. The best movie that i have seen recently is Midnight Sun. The best films I have ever seen are probably the Titanic, Dirty Dancing and The Hate U Give. I would like to watch film The last tree, because it seems interesting and it is also discussing a very important social topic.

Pia Gorenšek 8.a

Anonymous said...

I went to cinema a couple of months ago. I was there with my father and we watched the movie 1917. I´m not gonna tell you what it is about cuz i dont wanna spil it. All you need to kow os tht it is, obviously, about WW1. It was very good, pleasant, intense, everything a good movie needs. It was even shot in one shot, ONE shot. Can you imagine. I donßt plan to see any movies now, especially in these times.

Jože Rant