Monday, 2 March 2020

Do you care about the world we live in?

Look at some of the amazing pictures made by Chris Jordan and find out what are they made of (click on the images to zoom).  Have you found any surprising facts?

What about you? What can you do to help the wold become a cleaner and better place?


Anonymous said...

Very interesting.

Unknown said...

It's very scary to look at the pictures of us destroying the Earth, who was home to us more than 200.000 years. If we continue to destroy it, we wouldn't be able to live on Earth anymore. It's very important that we understand that it's not too late to change the world for better. That being said, we have to take action, even if that means that we have to change our usual lives and stop doing or using things that we usually do. I for example, try to use as much as I can buses or other kinds of public transport instead of going to school with car. If I have some afternoon activities I go on foot. It takes longer, but I still feel better than I would, if I would go with car or bus. I also try to use less plastic than I was using before. I know that many forests are disappearing because of the deforestation. It's mostly just for the oil palms, but some also dissappear because we use a lot of paper. That's why I try to use less peper and write on both sides. Many people still don't know how serious this problem is and many of them don't do anything to change the world. But we can't blame others all the time, it's better that in the meantime we try to change something. In my opinion I think it's important that we make people aware how serious the situation is, and maybe they will try to change too.

Nina Vukšinić, 8.a

Unknown said...

I do care about the world we live in and for me it is very sad to see those pictures because with every piece of plastic we throw in nature is destroying our own home, planet Earth. So if we are going to use as much plastic as now we are going to make ourselves an end.

Jan Kresevič, 8.a

Anonymous said...

Sadly enough that the World isn't like it was before. Our lifestyle has a great impact on it, and not in a good way. It is horrible to see how we are destroying our planet, and yet we expect to live healthy and happy life. I am also very scared to see that the list of endangered species is increasing form year to year. It is unbelievable to see that people are still polluting our environment with plastic bags, bottles ect. even though we are all aware of the consequences of these actions. Plastic pollution, factories, farming, cars, airplanes and constructions are damaging our earth, air, oceans, rivers, forests, all habitats that are very important for the quality of our lives. The pollution is causing also a lot of diseases. In my opinion each of us should take a stand against pollution. We can be more eco friendly by changing our lifestyle. We can cycle or use public transport more instead of using car. We can recycle, reuse or repair instead of buying new things, that we actually don't need. We can also share a lot of things like bikes, clothes, computers, games ect. All of us, especially young people, should do something about it, before it will be too late.

Pia, 8.a

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