Wednesday, 1 April 2020

What are they doing?

Watch  this animation first. Do you like it? 
What about you and your family? What are you doing right now?

Now make two Present Continuous exercises: exercise 1    exercise 2


Anonymous said...

I like the animation.
what are we doing? Well my mum is doing her job from home, i´m writing this message, my dad is at work and my brother is talking to his schoolmates from his phone. We are having fun but my dad isn´t around as much becuase he is doing disinfections.

Žan 6.a

Anonymous said...

I like this animation.
My mum is at home because she is having a surgery.I am writing a comment, my brother is studying and my dad is going in the job. When we are together we are having a fun.

Mark, 6a

Anonymous said...

I like this animation but I was missing action.
My mum is doing for work, my brother for school and my father is on home bike.
We have fun all the time.

Jošt 6.b

Anonymous said...

I like the animation.
My mum is talking to students and helping them.I working for school and having online dance classes.


Anonymous said...

I realy like animation.

My mom is trying to cure patients vith COVID-19, my dad is working from home my lite sister is talking with her best frind and I'm playing video games.

Emir 6.b

Unknown said...

The animation was ok but i diden t understand what was so funny about the comedy, and when the mom came into Olivia s room she said it was wery late but it was only like 10 o clock and can sombody explane to me what is so exciting about going in a tunel?

my mom is working on her computer while my dad has a zoom meating,my brother is playing nba2k.
I am writing this comment.

lp Pika