Saturday, 2 March 2019

5th March 2019 - Fat Tuesday or Pancake Day

Rezultat iskanja slik za pancake day
Do you know how Fat Tuesday  is celebrated in Great Britain? What do people do on that day and what do they eat? Check this video. Compare this tradition with the traditions that we have in Slovenia. Which do you find more interesting? Why?
Do you like pancakes? Can you make them? What's your favourite filling?


Anonymous said...

The way how the British celebrate the Pancake Day is much more intresting, because not only the young people celebrate it but older once do too. I really do like pancakes and I can make them too.

Luka C.

Anonymous said...

Fat Tuesday or Shorve Thuesday is celebrated in March or February. It is celebreted in UK. They eat pancakes and organize pancake races. There they have to run and throw the pancakes (they have them in pans) into the air. The first one to get to the end is the winner.
In Slovenia we celebrate "Pust"(Shrovetide). We dress up, eat doughnuts and have fun. I like both traditions. But I find the UK tradisions more interesting. Because I like pancakes. I can also make them. My favourite pancake filling is jam.
I can't wait for the next Pancake Day to come.

Inja Debevec, 7.a

Anonymous said...

They run and throw pancakes and one who get to finish win. But in Slovenia we have Shrovetide and we eat donuts and dress up masquerade costum.
I like pancakes despite that I can`t make them. I fill them with the Nutella.

Jan Kresevič, 7.A

Unknown said...

In UK they celebrate this special day in February or March. This day is not only day of fun and happynes but also day of sweet. Pancakes are usualy sweet. I am sad becouse in Slovenia we do not have this day. I realy like pancakes and this is my second favourite food.

Andraž Šmajdek, 7.A

Anonymous said...

I think in UK is better becouse is more fun and interseting than ours. We just have a normal dinner. Pancakes are really good. And the name looks funny to.

Jakob 7.a

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