Monday, 15 May 2017

World Flight 2017

At today's English class we have read about Matevž Lenarčič's flight around the world in 2004. Check on this website what he has  accomplished since then and what project he has done this year. 
Don't forget to look at his photos. What do they tell you about our planet? What other interesting information did you get? 


Anonymous said...

Matjaž Lenarčič is now working on a project AVIATION for SCIENCE - BLACK CARBON POLLUTION RESEARCH by flying over Mediterranean and providing accurate data about global black carbon concetracion. This is really important because:
Earth is getting warmer,
7 million people worldwide die every year due to air pollution and
global warming is rising.

We must act now, because in a couple years it may be too late.

Maja, 9.b

Anonymous said...

We are destroying our planet. If Earth would be one year old, the humans would existed for ten seconds. We managed to destroy our planets in ten seconds, compared to one year. Humans melt glaciers, polluting waters, destroying the nature ...
Matevž flew with an ultralight aircraft (Dynamic WT9). It is not quite fast aircraft, but it's very small. It was equipped with a measuring system for black carbon (one of the things, that are destroying our Earth the most).Earth is warming. There was written, that about seven million people die, due to air pollution.
We have to be careful. There is only one Earth.
Maks Ž, 9.b