Monday, 9 November 2015

Have you eaten breakfast today?

Do you usually eat breakfast? What do you usually eat? If you don't eat breakfast, what's your excuse?
Watch this video to get an idea for a perfect breakfast. Nowadays there are a lot of cookery shows on tv. Do you sometimes watch them? What do you know about the man on the video? 


Anonymous said...

I always eat breakfast. It is one of the most important meals. On Sundays and Saturdays I usually eat bread with cheese and salami. Sometimes I have milk with cereals. On the other days of the week me and my family always eat bread with butter and honey, because you can prepare that quickly. Cocoa is my usual drink. I never watch cookery shows and I don't know much about this Gordon Ramsay. He is one of the world's most celebrated chefs and I like how he prepares breakfast.


Anonymous said...

I eat breakfast everyday. It is important, because it gives you energy for a fresh start. On the week days I don't have much time before school, so I eat just yoghurt with some fruit. On the other hand I have more time for breakfast at the weekends. I usually eat muesli with fruit and milk or yoghurt. I also eat scrambled eggs or salmon with wholemeal bread. I don't watch TV cookery shows, so I don't know Gordon Ramsay from the video.

Anonymous said...

I always have breakfast. For breakfast I always eat chocolate cereals with milk and a glass of water.
I watch cooking shows very rarely, only when there's really nothing else and I'm too lazy to switch channels. I've heard about the Gordon Ramsay and I think he is a judge in Master Chef but other than that, I don'know much about him.

Lara, 9.b

Anonymous said...

I don't eat my breakfast. I don't really have time for breakfast. I know that it doesn't take that much time, but sometimes it takes time to prepare it. I watch cookery shows like Master Chef, because I like how they cook different things. I don't know much about Gordon Ramsay, but I know that he is a very good cook and a judge in Master Chef.
Luna, 9.a

Maja Pesek said...

Anonymous said...
I don't eat my breakfast. I never eat breakfast,because I don't have much time. I watch cookery show like Master Chef. This show is very interesting, because they must make dish from the unknown ingredients. I don't know much about Gordon Ramsay. I think he is a judge in Master Chef and he cooks very good.
Maja, 9.a

Anonymous said...

I only eat my breakfast on the weekend, because I don't get hungry till 10 o'clock, when I usually get up when it's not a school day. I'm also very sleepy early in the morning. I never watch cookery shows on TV, because I always get to hungry, while watching them. I's always better to actually enjoy eating food, than to watch it and wish to eat it. I tried watching that kind of TV show, but It was difficult, because I have a sweet tooth and the cook was making creme brulee. I've just found out an interesting fact. Gordon Ramsay's horoscope sign is scorpio. His birthday is on 8th November, just 6 days after my birthday. Maybe we've got a lot in common. Who knows, perhaps I'm good at cooking, but for sure I'm great in eating.

Ela, 9. a