Sunday, 15 December 2013

Clothes make the man

What clothes and colours are in fashion this winter? Do you wear fashionable clothes? Do you have your own unique style? What do you like wearing? Is there anything you don't like? Why?
Check this video for some tips on smart casual looks.

This is what Oscar Wilde once wrote about fashion and clothes: 
“Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.” 
"You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” 


Anonymous said...

This winter are in fashion dark or beige coloured clothes. I don't wear fashionable clothes and I don't have my own unique style. I like to wear jeans and jackets. There isn't anything that I don't like, because I respect fashion of any kind.

Dorjan 8.b

Anonymous said...

Brown, grey, dark, ... these coloures are very popular this winter. I wear fashionable clothes when I go out with my friends, or when I go to the cinema, to the city centre, shopping...
I have my style, but it is similar to every teenage girls'.
I like wearing fashionable clothes - fun shirts, jeans, ...
When I see a piece of clothing I can tell if I like it or not, but I don't know right now.

Lara Lovrič, 8.a

Anonymous said...

Colours in fashion this winter are grey, black, beige and others. I don't wear very fashionable clothes,I wear clothes that wear girls in my years.I don't have my own unique style, I wear ordinary clothes, like jeans, leggings,pullovers and cardigans. I like to wear all types of clothing.

Aleksandra Pantić, 8.b

Anonymous said...

Dark red, dark green, brown and grey are very popular this winter. I wear fashionable clothes but not always, because I don't like everything that is in fashion.
I have my own style, but it's not very different from other girls' style. There isn't any piece of clothing that I don't like, so I wear all types of it.

Azarja Grasselli, 8.a

Anonymous said...

I think this year is in fashion black, brown; dark colours. But I don't actually follow what fashion commands... I wear the clothes I like. Of corse I have my own style; every single person has it's own style. Not every style is... good. I mean I don't want to look like a scarecrow when I come to school.
My style is alike to every teenage's style, so it's not very special.
I like wearing tights, jeans, jackets... I love tight shirts, but I just can't look at people that wear jeans under a skirt: they look... overdressed and silly.
I sometimes judge people over their style of clothing, but I think that the clothes represent reflection of our personality.

Karin Čerček Marinko, 8.a

Anonymous said...

I think that colours, popular for this time of year are red, brown and green. Especially because of this delightful impression they give and because it's simply Christmas. However, I have my own and unique style (at least I think so) which is, or isn't following the current fashion. I like to match clothes with colours and the only thing I don't like are skirts. I never wore them, and I never will. I'm not that type of a girly girl which wears skirts and blouses. I prefer comfortable clothes more than being something special and not being comfortable in it.

Sara Čano, 8.a

Unknown said...

This winter are in fashion dark colours: black, grey, red... I usually don't wear feshionable clothes, I wear it just for special occasions. I don't have my oun style I usually wear jeans,shirts, pullovers... I like to wear all types of clothing.

Hana Engelman, 8.b

Anonymous said...

Grey, brown, black and dark colors are winters fashion. I think I wear clothes that are in fashion but I am not always updated. I have my own style witch is similar to the other boys style. I like to wear T-shirts and hoods, but I HATE those skinny jeans and tight polo-neck sweathers.

Miha Pompe 8.a

Anonymous said...

I have a very good style. I think that I'm always very good dressed.
I think that now in fashion are these colours: pink, yellow, red and others.I wear skinny jeans because I'm very skinny.

Ema Burazer, 8.A