Monday, 18 February 2013

Great Britain

Have you ever been to England or any other English speaking countries? Where were you and  what did you see there? Did you like it?
If you haven't been to England yet, would you like to go there? Why (not)? 
What do you associate with England or Great Britain? 
You can learn more about Great Britain here


Anonymous said...

No, I wasn't.Yes,I would like to go, because it is very interesting.I associate with Great Britain:Big Ben,Tower bridge and red busses.

Unknown said...

I was in London last week. I like it, because it is too big and there is a lot of beautiful building.

Anonymous said...

I've been in Great Britain, I was in London. I liked it very mutch. I saw a Big Bang and the palace. I associate with Great Britain: London, Big Bang, English flag.

Lara, 7.b

Anonymous said...

I would like to go in Great Britain.
I associate with Great Britain:
Queen Elisabeth II., flag...

Petja 7.b

Anonymous said...

No I haven't been in Great Britan but I would like to go becouse I would just like to see it.I associate queen Elizabeth 2
wiht Engladn and Great Britan.
Miha 7.b

Anonymous said...

I've been in the USA. I was in Minnesota, Minneapolis. In Minnesota I didn't see much, but I
liked it there anyway. I also went to school there. I would love to go to England, because I think I would like it there. When I associate with Great Britain, the first thing I think of is England, the second thing I think of are the British double-deckers


Dušan, 6.b said...

I have been to almost every English speaking country in the world. I have been in Australia, England, America, Canada... I really like it in almost every english speaking country beacouse I do not need to know the local language to speak with the people there. When I was in America I saw a lot of diffrent things there like the Niagra Falls or when I was in Sydney I saw the famous opera. With England I ussualy associate the double decker bus beacouse I think It is very significant for England.

Dušan Habič,

Anonymous said...

I would to like to go there becouse I think it is very interesting and there are many big shops.
I associate British flag, queen Elizabeth II., Big Ben and the Beatles.

Eva, 7.b