Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Charlie Chaplin

Today we talked about Chaplin and saw a short film. Watch this Charlie Chaplin' s video and find some more on this webpage. Find one famous scene from the The Great Dictator. What is he doing and why?
Do you find him funny? Why (not)? Do you like some other comedians better? Who is your favourite comedian or actor (actress)? Why do you like him/her?


Anonymous said...

In film The Great Dictator, Chaplin is acting the dictator Hitler. The famous scene is, when Hitler is playing with baloon as with our globe. By the end the globe explodes, becouse he was squeezing it too mush.

The scene is not really funny to me. Maybe the film was funny in the years, when it was made. For me is this film today only interesting to see.

I like actor Jure Zrnec, becouse his jokes are the right for our time.


Unknown said...

In scene of The great dictator "speech" he is imitating Hitler, but he is not speaking real german. He is just pretending. Charlie Chaplin is making a parody out of Hitlers behaviour.

Some of his scenes are funny, but others are not.

Yes, I have favourite actor/comedian. It is an actor Jurij Zrnec. He is very good in his roles. I like him beacuse he is funny.

Unknown said...

The scene Globe Dance is from the film The Great Dictator, were Charlie Chaplin plaied the role of Hitler. Hitler (Charlie Chaplin) is dancing with a globe balloon. He wants to rule the world. It ends with a BOOM, like in action films.
I like it but it isn't interesting. Charlie Chaplin was funny but for today is old fashion.
I do not have favorite actor or actess.
Ema 7.a

Anonymous said...

In the movie The Great Dictator famous scene is Globe Scene. He is playing with his globe which is realy a ballon. He was doing this, because he wanted to have the whole world.
He is not very funny to me, because he's jokes were funny in that time, but not now.
My favorite comedian is Rowan Atkinson in the role of Mr. Bean. I like him, because he and his jokes are very funny.
Doroteja, 7.a

Anonymous said...

In scene of The Great Dictator, Charlie Chaplin is imitating Hitler.

He is funny, but some of his scenes are not.
I don't have a favourite comedian, but I like Mr.Bean becouse is often silly and funny.
Mila, 7.b

Anonymous said...

His films are fun but not too much. Otherwise, it is absurd. But most of all I like film, The Great Dictator. Otherwise, I like most about Mr. Bean is always funny and entertaining, and has a sense of humor! Ursa, 7.B.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I find him funny. Because he is a good actor. I like Mr. Bean because he is more funnyer and he has got more sense of humor.
Lan 7.B

Anonymous said...

In film the Great dictator Chaplin is playing with a baloon representing our globe. At the end the baloon explodes.

The scene is not funnny for me. Many people died in the second world war.

I think Jurij Zrnec is a cool actor. He plays his roles well.

Luka, 7.b

Anonymous said...

In film The Great Dictator, Charlie Chaplin is making fun of Hitler.

The famous scene of this film is Globe Scene. In this scene he is playing with a baloon-globus, becouse he wants hold the whole world in his hands.

I don´t like this scene very much, becouse it´s not realy funny to me, but the film is OK.

I don´t have favorite actor.
Petra Hlebš, 7.a

Anonymous said...

In film Great Dictator he act Hitler.Charlie Chaplin make movie fun...I like Mr.Bean beacuse he is very funny, but he is not my favourite comedian. I haven't got favourite actor.

Zala 7.b

Anonymous said...

Film The Great Dictator is not so funny because is old and jokes were fun in those times but they aren't today. Chaplin acted Hitler's tramp. all his comedians are quite funny but you don't laugh when you watch some of those.
If I must to choose some funny actor then I choose mr.Bean because is not just funny but you actually laugh when you watch him.

Ava Tribušon, 7,b