Monday, 31 August 2009

Hello, everybody! - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more Glad to be back to school? Just kidding ..... Well, school can be at least tolerable if you have friends, schoolmates or an (English) teacher to stand by you. Agree? Watch this video and listen. Any comments?


Anonymous said...

x) x) x)
Funny people, but they sing great and it's a wonderful song...=D
I think school is ok, but I hate hysteria before tests and stuff like that... =P =P


P.S. Is "hysteria" spelled right??

Eva said...

The song is lovley.
I like school. I think it's great. Here you can meets your friend-schoolmates. You can talk with them and whit teachers too.
You must learn but you can learn something new.
I'm glad that I'm back to school.

Katkoo* said...

LOL =)
I like the lyrics, but their singing is sometimes a bit scary. ;)
Well, school has bad and good sides to it if you ask me. It would be a whole lot better if there wouldn't be any grades, but then no one would study ... It's a real mind-twister. I'm also happy to be back in some ways, but very much in others.
Katarina xD

vesna said...

I like the song and the lyrics.:);)Well I agree with Katarina, but I think to have grades is good for us because they make us learn some things we wouldn't learn if we wouldn't have grades. I know for myself that I'm a bit lazy and if we wouldn't have grades I would learn just the things I like and not the things I don't like even these ones would be important in my life. I think when we are young we don't know very well what is good for us. :)I'm happy to be back in school because I've been missing my friends!!! :D

Anonymous said...

I'm very glad to be in school again, because we are now the ninth grade and it's the last year when we are togheter.
The song is great I love their way of singing it, and they lyrics is very nice.
Elma =)

Laurel Jackson said...

Lol! I like it! It's a really funny video. School is great! Well I mean like i like going to school and stuff, but studying is a pain...

Anonymous said...

I just love that song is so good!!
I like school just because you met so many wonderful and nice persons and you allways learn something new. But like everyone else I hate studying =D

Anonymous said...

...whel, I am a boy so I do not supose to like school very much=) I think no one hates school as a building, because we hang out with friends and we can eat too!=) We only hate marks and learning...
About the video=)..:
The song is sweet, and so are the people... I like to sing and play guitar too, but I am not as good as they are, because I am not black;)
CYA, Miran

Unknown said...

Maybe I really don't hate school, I just don't like it ... Not becouse of people in it, or becouse of marks or studying. It's OK ... But I don't like it when I have to wake up when the alarm ring, or when I must do it: I'm not one of those who love to sleep longer, I just want to wake up when I want and not when the alarm ring. :)
About this song: I have to say that I didn't listen to the lyrics: I never do that ... I like the song if I like the arrangement ... In this song it's interesting, so I like the song ... :D

Laurel Jackson said...

Teacher I am very sorry that I forgot to tell my sister that my dad can come to our English class on the 28th of September. I hope this will get to you in time.


your teacher Breda U. said...

Thanks, Laurel.
See you and your dad on Monday then.