Tuesday, 20 January 2009

America has a new president

The 44the American president Barack Obama is the first African-American president in the US history. Does this fact make a difference?
Do you believe that America (and the world) can change for the better under his presidency? Why?
What do you think about the new American president?
Share your opinion with us.


Anonymous said...

I think that African-American president isn't wrong. I belive that Obama will ba a good president.


Anonymous said...

Obama will be good president and i think its not wrong.I bealive the world can change for the better-

Anonymous said...

Obama will be good president and i think its not wrong.I bealive the world can change for the better.

I forgot to tipe my name.


Anonymous said...

I think the Obama is good president.I think that the America and the world can change for the better.


Eva said...

I think that Barack Obama is the best president for America.Barack Obama will be very good president and he can change the world and America for the better.


Lana said...

I think, that the fact that Americans voted for an African-American president is wonderful, because in the past African-Americans were treated as slaves. In my opinion, it does make a difference. I think the world will change for the better. Maybe just a little, but still. I hope he'll be able to stop the war, because war is really pointless.

vesna said...

Well I think that Barack Obama will be great president too. He will make world better and he will try to solve all the problems.
Hi is a big change and chance for America.

Laurel Jackson said...

I think that it is a great thing for America to have a African-American president. I think it will bring a lot of changes to American and even to the world. Most Americans like it that Obama is president and believe that he will help the country. Like give people more jobs, stop the wars... I think that this fact will make a really big difference and that a lot of people will learn stuff from it.

Ellma* said...

I like Barack Obama, I think that he will be a good presidant. It's nothing wrong that the America has a African-American presidant. He will change the whole world and he will be better than the Bush.